Is playing video games good or bad?

Playing Video games is a brilliant way to spend your time. It can be funny with your friends, family, other gamers, etc. These video games have changed our life a lot. But the question is, are video games harmful? Now if i speak like that it sounds like nonsense cause obviously video games are not harmful (except a few games), but it can be harmful the way you play any video game. here are some harmful habits that almost everyone does:

Spending hours on a video game

Sitting on a chair for a long time

Not listening to their parents

And so on….

So after all of this, am i saying to not play any video game? The answer is no obviously! Video games cannot be harmful if you are very responsible at video games. What do i mean? Being responsible i mean: to be aware how many hours you spend at video games, take a 5 minutes break after playing for an hour, get up from your chair or bed, walk around your house, don’t use your phone while you are taking your 5 minutes break, etc. These small changes can change your entire day (the way that you played video games)!

So in a nutshell, are video games bad for you?

It depends all on you……

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